Different kind of wildlife…

Kids canoeing at Silver Lake.On the most perfect spring day so far this year, the second and third graders from Eastern Mennonite Elementary were at the lake practicing their canoeing skills. Perhaps we’ll see some of them again on Kid’s Fishing Day this Saturday! Other wildlife happenings recently include the hatching of mallards and a Bald Eagle sighting.


duck-babies-01.jpgWas so pleased to finally see a batch of 13 Mallard babies make it to the water today! We have no idea where the nest was hidden, but they spent their first day mostly below the spillway. They had one quick swim with mom and dad on the lake early this morning.



                                                                                                                                                                                                               Had a grand Osprey show today at Silver Lake. A single Osprey spent about 20 minutes, mostly toward the south end of the lake near the mill. He was not successful with his fishing, however.


heron-or-egret-02.jpgheron-or-egret.jpgThis heron was present Sunday morning and Monday morning (5/13-5/14). Both mornings, it was gone by 7:10 a.m. On Monday, was able to get a few crude
photos – but enough to seemingly prove it is a “White Morph” of the Great Blue Heron, thanks to its yellowish legs. Not certain, but believe it may be the first time in Rockingham County. A Great Blue Heron took off in one of the shots, giving us a nice confirmation of the White’s size. Believe it has likely left the area, but it was definitely a nervous bird, and there have
been various early morning interruptions and loud noises. Who knows!