Kids canoeing at Silver Lake.On the most perfect spring day so far this year, the second and third graders from Eastern Mennonite Elementary were at the lake practicing their canoeing skills.¬†Perhaps we’ll see some of them again on Kid’s Fishing Day this Saturday!¬†Other wildlife happenings recently include the hatching of mallards and a Bald Eagle sighting.

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Pectoral SandpipersSaturday, just before the start of Kids Fishing Day, we happened to see a
group of about 5 Sandpipers land on the southwest corner of the lake. Seemed
to be Pectoral Sandpipers, after studying our low-light photos.


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A flock of seagulls spent some time at Silver Lake Thursday (April 19). We
often see them before a snowstorm, but this time they came ahead of a
welcome warm spell.


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