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Robert H. Brown Family and Press Miller
Originally built in 1822, Silver Lake Mill is a favorite site in Rockingham County
Staff from Rocktown History enjoy the Mill's atmosphere

Rich with history, surrounded by extraordinary birds and wildlife, join us for delightful community activities or host your own event!

Cozy, charming, and amazing are all words that our customers have used to describe the Mill's event space. A small venue compared to some, it offers vintage decor and a relaxed atmosphere that enhance your event — from bridal showers and weddings, to baby showers, anniversaries, and any family gathering you can imagine. Clubs and organizations appreciate its amenities, and small classes are inspired here.

Silver Lake Mill is a venue for both community and private events, and we have no office. We work remotely, so the Mill is not typically open. We are happy to meet you at the Mill at a convenient time – we would love to work with you!


Silver Lake Mill is on Virginia's Silver War Trails as Daniel Bowman's Mill
Silver Lake is on Virginia's Northn River Loop of its Bird and Wildlife Trail

Since 1822, Silver Lake Mill has served as a gathering place for the community. Outstanding views of the waterfalls are complemented by our historic 1909 millwheel and antique gears. Enjoy our community activities; we also invite you to come, reserve our space, and create your own stories in this delightful setting.

Over 200 years ago, German Baptist Brethren migrated from northern Rockingham County and decided to make this site their home. With a stream fed by a strong spring, it offered possibilities for a prosperous mill and community. Brethren ownership continued until 1884 when men--and one woman!--from the community have taken ownership.

Featured as a Virginia Civil War Trails site, the Mill (then known as Daniel Bowman's Mill) was burned by Union Gen. George Armstrong Custer; it is one of three Trails sites in Dayton.

On the North River Loop of Virginia's Bird and Wildlife Trail, Silver Lake offers a delightful range of nature-based activities. When the Mill is not open, you are always welcome to enjoy the natural habitat and beauty along lake (fishing, too, with a Virginia license!). 


This building is full of textures, earthy colors, massive old wooden beams, and handmade bricks with the maker's thumbprints. The story here continues to unfold daily.

Luminarias shining for the 200th birthday of Silver Lake and the Mill in 2022!

200 luminaria light the Mill area for its 200th Anniversary
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