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Rich with texture and history, Silver Lake Mill provides an extraordinary space for creativity – from activities to decor, the range of possibilities is almost endless. Enjoy these photographs of how people use their imaginations with the space at Silver Lake Mill.

Tasting ice cream churched by the wheel at Silver Lake Mill

These folks got to enjoy some ice cream bring churned at Silver Lake Mill.

Four scenes of a bridal shower at the mill in Dayton

This Instagram post by a user shows how the vintage elements work together for a personal presentation.

Folks celebrating at a birthday shower at Silver Lake Mill
Autumn baby shower.jpg

Baby showers and bridal showers are among the most popular events held at Silver Lake Mill.

Rough handmade bricks and a weathered white bench create one of many photo vignettes at the Mill. 

Neighbors sing Christmas carols at the Mill
A capella singing resounds in the Mill

A Harmonia Sacra Singing in December later moved outdoors where a small group continued with Christmas music by candlelight.

Small music venue in the shade by a stream at Mill

Indoor acoustics at the Mill are remarkable, and a cappella singing has been enjoyed many times by all.

A delightful and shady music venue by our stream adds to the musical magic at Silver Lake Mill.

Music, visiting and more during an evening at the Mill

Flexible space permits seating that enhances interaction (above) or tightly organized settings that direct attention where you prefer. You can make the space accomplish what you want it to!

Actors moving among the tables at a dinner theater
Candlelighr dinner theater at Silver Lake Mill in Dayton

Dinner theaters were performed in November 2022 and served almost 50 people each night. Actors moved between the tables to bring the action close to those attending.

Using vintage serving furniture, over 20 plated dinners were served in a single pass-through, providing efficient, quiet service.

Whimsical coat hooks at the Mill
Eating ice cream while it churns behind a couple

Silver Lake Mill has many nooks and crannies to share with you and yours, providing delightful opportunities for snapshots and good times.

Whimsical iron coat hooks are great for bonnets and hats!

Silver Lake Mill 

Luminaria lighting the entrance to Silver Lake Mill

Luminaria light the entrance to
Silver Lake Mill in this scene.

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Boys' bare feet and jeans outside the Mill
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